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Prevent Tangle from Polyester Wig


If you've just pulled a favorite polyester wig from your clothing drawer, it's really packed with tangles and really does not stress! All you want to unlock is a polyester wig that is patient and wide-tooth comb. Typically, polyester wigs are entangled after wearing, packaging or packaging. Less expensive wigs of lower quality will tangle easier and more often than expensive and high-quality wigs. Allow more than the normal time before you need to wear a virgin hair wig to remove all entanglement.

You need do this

Use a wide-tooth comb, any tangles that leave your 3-inch section of hair under 1 inch. Once those tangles are removed, the combs comb an extra inch, untie that area of hair. This process is repeated until the entire 3-inch portion of the hair is released.

Putting artificial wigs can improve your personal type, as well as putting soft brazilian hair into different types of days. For natural hair size, texture and coloring is not limited, you can try new look and style. Artificial wigs can be found in a wide range of prices, with a wide variety of colors and tones. Even if the synthetic wig will be smooth and elegant, you have to know the way to avoid curl.

The retailer full lace human hair wig when the wig is not in use at the model head or wig. This helps to keep the wigs uncluttered and curly. Make sure the storage tool is high enough to make sure that the wig can be freely seated when the best hair is purchased. Wig internal friction and ground or border material can also cause the opposite friction fiber curl. Protects wigs under harsh weather conditions and friction. When traveling in sunny, windy or humid conditions, wear a hat or wrap a wig including a scarf. Place a satin cap over the wig when not in use or when sleeping around the human hair weave. This helps to keep the wig fibers from becoming ruptured and curled. If the synthetic wig actually is exposed to these diseases, it may be completely dry, just before modeling or winding wig storage. Moisturizing wig. The wig is sprayed by using a light-gloss front or one-time setting to evenly coat the wig fibers. This will help prevent friction and help keep the fiber glossy. Without moisturizing artificial wigs may give you a brazilian curly hair wig with no interest.

Since synthetic wigs soften when exposed to large amounts of heat, chorus from chemical or electrical warm to wigs. In fact, never hard perm, bleached or straightened artificial wig. Take a look at the wig directions and warnings to determine whether the application of hair curling irons is usually properly applied to hair weaving.